Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Blog...Need some FEEDBACK!

I'm taking suggestions on direction for this blog (PLEASE!) Of course in future posts I will focus on insurance, risk management, HR management, and new developments in the insurance industry that show off my expertise, but I'd like to do so in a way that doesn't bore you all to tears...while keeping in mind my overall altruistic goal of making clients into lifelong friends and friends and family into clients who are "enlightened" and safeguarded.

My former assistant, Marie, has graciously offered to help me get Dufour Insurance Services off the ground. Starting a new business, I have to consider now being an employer...the burdens of my staff are now my burdens too! Their time is spent building my (our?) business, and my (our?) success rides partly on "our" ability to work cohesively, respectfully, happily and professionally together. I've read management books, "Let My People Go Surfing", "How Full Is Your Bucket", "Mindset- The New Psychology of Success" ...and others, but this feels different, I'm now "responsible" for her "job" and liable for "our" failures. As a former employee, I've had hopes and expectations for growth, experience, stability, satisfaction, fairness, happiness...after all, I spend the bulk of my day working. I've had office "jobs" for years, and have seen how employees work, and talk about their boss...etc... I don't want that!! So what can I do for my (this?) staff that will meet these basic human needs? Bring plants into the office? Stop to eat lunch together? Acknowledge/compliment them daily? Understand their personality type and manage to their personality? (From "The Mastery of Management") Wow, wait a minute....I just had a relevation...I actually DO know something about working with employees...I can do this!

I had the good fortune of working for a company that was big into "personal development". Most employers don't take time for that. (Note to self!) I've seen so many companies and organizations facing wrongful termination claims lately...most are avoidable and preventable by following "The Golden Rule", or by following the good advice in the books I've listed. Having an insurance broker/HR consultant/Legal team who can provide coverage/direction/advice on tougher issues is really valuable. (Note to Reader, call me!) I have a great network of such folks, and along that line, I'm going to send a link to a friends' webinar "Avoiding Litigation in the Workplace". This webinar tell us all what to do and what NOT to do, to have a positive work environment. We can all benefit from healthy work environments. (It's on August 5th, so hang tight for that announcement!)

Until then, Work hard, play hard (it's summer!), be kind, be fair, be responsible.

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  1. LOVE your new blog page.

    Your amazing Stephanie! You are beautiful on the inside and out and one of the most caring and considerate people I know. Your customers will come based on your great reputation for customer service and will keep coming back because they will see your caring soul shining through with each interaction. They will realize that they are in great hands with you. I know you will succeed in this new life venture.

    I am so incredibly proud of you and look forward to watching you and your business grow and be successful. Love you Lotz.